Got a question? Please check here first....if you don't find the answer, then feel free to contact me and ask away!


I have a private studio conveniently located in SE Portland, near multiple freeway and bridge exits. My studio is in a professional, secure, handicapped accessible space; options include futon mattress or massage table during your visit as well as postsession hot or cool towel service to ensure you depart feeling fully refreshed!

Yes! Currently my partner TS Zoe & I are well-reviewed & happy to get kinky nasty or snuggly vanilla GFE as you desire! Check the "Duo partners" folder in my Photos section for some visuals of us together ;) (I'm open to cis girl partners too - see below z:))

Am I half of your dream duo? Send me the info of the lady who makes up the other half & we'll almost certainly make it happen!

Note that duos are available with FBST or FS options year-round; inquire privately for details specific to duos with TS Zoe, donation requests, etc :)

Most days I am available from 8:30 AM- 11:30 PM (although it's advisable to set things up at least one day in advance if you want to visit at the start of the morning, & more is generally better - & extremely appreciated! - regarding amount of notice given :)). That said, I always try my best to accomondate everyone's schedule - I aim to please! ;)


P.S.: I can sometimes be flexible on my hours of availability, but advance notice is required!


I'm sorry, but I am NOT newbie friendly. I require at least one provider reference (& the more, the better!), preferably from within the last 6 months. Acknowledged reviews on hobby sites, while taken into account, cannot completely substitute for a direct verification from a provider.  I do not, as a rule, do meet & greets (sorry!) & reserve the right to politely decline anyone if I feel we will not be a good match. Conversely, I am happy to provide references for true gentlemen after we've spent time together in the flesh (being asked ahead of time is nice, just fyi :))!

Newbies should find a "newbie friendly" lady (there are plenty of lovely ones out there :)) who is willing to verify them after their visit - then feel free to get in touch with me. Yes, I understand this process is sometimes frustrating to newbs - but a girl needs to do what she needs to do to feel safe & discreet. As a result, gents who contact/visit me can rely on my careful, discreet approach in all things.

That can be found in the "Rates" section! :) (note: kink/fantasy/fetish are adjusted on a case-by-case basis, so ask & ye shall receive (an answer) (& then some, woo) ;))


Please inquire privately for pertinent info for longer visits (including overnights), social time/events, duos, couples, special requests, etc etc. :)

Hi there! I'm a voluptuous natural blonde with a fantastic rack who is both a champion cuddler & kinky as fuck. I'm nonjudgmental, empathic, educated, intelligent, orally fixated possessor of a high libido. I identify as bisexual/pansexual/queer & am a switch (can take the Top/Dominant or Bottom/Submissive role in kink play according to the feel of the scene :)).

I love sensual touch, relaxing bodywork, & body2bodyglides & can enjoy vanilla & kink play equally - my focus is on creating a customized safe & comfortable space for any guest to escape the world for a bit, maximizing relaxation, enjoyment, & general funsies :)

Sorry, but it's extremely, extremely rare for me to accept a "trade" or "gift" in lieu of requested donation for time spent. I cannot accept credit cards or checks, sorry!

If you would like to bring an actual gift (i.e. in addition to the time-based donation for the visit, not a substitute for it), I adore stockings (thigh highs, preferably) & gloves/armwarmers of all sorts as well as lingerie (still in unopened package, please; I'm usually a Medium size, have a 38D bust, & stand 5'1" in my bare feet - just in case anyone needs those numbers :)); feel free as well to bring along toys/accesories if they will enhance the session (again, new/in unopened packaging please, *unless* it's something to be used only on yourself :)).


The Classic Repertoire is always available & features body2body, sensual touch, & other bodywork (slides/glides/surfing/etc), all customized to your personal taste! :)


Glad you asked! My NO List includes:

"Quick Visits/QV," Blow n Go/BnG," car dates, breath play/choking, blood play/blade play, scat, watersports, BBFS, Greek, recording sessions in any manner (video/photos/audio/etc), failure to respect safewords.

Thanks for your understanding!

Yes, yes, yes, & I have a number of reviews to attest to this (coming soon - slowly uploading them here :)). I have a number of kinks/fetishes/fantasies/etc myself including tickling, roleplay, pegging & prostate play, tease & denial/orgasm control & forced orgasm, sensation play of a variety of types, & more! I've enjoyed indulging in foot fetish play, WAM, humiliation play, ageplay roleplay, trampling/ballbusting, voyeurism, AB/D, exhibitionism, CBT w/bondage, & more! I have some basic knowledge of Shibari (Japanese rope bondage) & always keep a nice selection of accessories of many sorts on hand to add to the fun!

I'm a pansexual/queer switch & am therefore confortable in a Domme/Top or Sub/Bottom role as desired irregardless of a visitor's gender (or age, race, ir anything else, indeed :)); I'm also a very openminded, nonjudgmental person whose priority is to create a safe space for sensual exploration - visitors can express themselves without fear of repercussion or censure  quite the opposite, in fact! :)

When I can! Please note that my studio is not my domicile, & so I usually need at least a hour (& preferably more) advance notice unless I happen to be there already.

SMS is highly recommended as the contact method for SN/LMA; also if you have not yet been screened & cleared to visit, the odds of being able to set up something SN/LMA.....I'll do my best, but the odds are slim (this is why prescreening is awesome :))!

I have 2 specials I offer year-round:

Review special: Visit me, then write a review (& preferably send me a message informing me, ideally also including a link to said review :)) & receive a reduction of 30 off donation request on your next visit!


Military/Armed Forces special: Are you a current or former member of the military? Bring your military ID &/or DD-214 (you can cover your name, I'm not trying to get into anyone's cookies, hehe - I just request some proof :)) & receive a 45 minute visit for 100 or a hour visit for 120 (sorry, no spesh for half hours)! Thank you for your service!





I am happy to see singles & couples/doubles of any permutation! Age, race, gender, sex, size, disability, etc are a nonissue; if you have a medical cxondition/predilection/etc you feel is important, however, please feel free to share!

I much prefer time spent together in the flesh.....but if that's absolutely not an option for you, get in touch with me & we can chat about a Skype or phone sesh :)

You can ask, & I very, very occasionally can pay a visit to a hotel or domicile in the PDX Metro area......but honestly, I much, much, much prefer to host (I am more likely to make an exception for someone I've gotten to spend some time with at my IC location first, but I do make these decisions on a case-by-case basis :))! I've got fun accessories & such on hand, I don't have to worry about getting lost finding your place (mine is pretty darn easy to find, so the odds of vice versa happening to my visitors is low :)), & most of all, I feel most comfortable hosting - & a comfortable me is a relaxed & fun me! :) Thanks for your understanding :)


It is NOT, sorry (just to be clear :)).

While the Classic Rep is hands-on and personal, this Repertoire is even more so (in a time honored fashion, hehe) - the Expanded Repertoire is for those who aren't satisfied til they've gone all the way & scored, getting that home run, devouring the whole enchilada (all safely, natch!) - here's your chsance!

The great perk with this special too is that taking advantage of it (when its' available) grandfathers it in as an available option for you at *any* future visit, regardless of whether the special is being generally offered then or not! No telling when it might be available again - keep your eyes peeled - while enjoying, of course, the many customized entertainments, devised for youre enjoyment (& available year-round)!!!